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Signs you’re not enjoying sex! My tips on Bustle

175x175bbWatch for my advice on figuring out when your sex life needs some rescuing in Bustle’s “11 Signs You’re Not Enjoying Sex With Your Partner As Much As You Should Be”.

The article talks about things that get in the way of having a healthy sexual relationship with your partner. I shared some tips with Carolyn Steber for signs to watch out for that can get in the way.

You Procrastinate And Always “Have Something Else To Do”

There’s always something that needs to be done — work, school, friends that seem more important than spending time with your other half,” says relationship expert and psychologist Vijayeta Sinh, Ph.D. “This usually means that something’s amiss about your emotional connection and/or physical connection with each other.

You Almost Always Fantasize About Somebody Else

It’s totally normal to fantasize during sex. If you think about a cute stranger for a few minutes, it doesn’t mean you hate your partner or despise having sex with them. But if you need to imagine other people, take note. “This is a telltale sign that something is not working in your current relationship,” Sinh says.

Sex is so much more than physical intimacy, it is sometimes the barometer of your relationship. So watch it more closely to understand your relationship deeper.

There are some other great tips for recognizing that you and partner have things to work through in bed. You can find the article online here:

unnamedAbout Dr. Vijayeta Sinh, Ph.D.:
Self & Relationship expert Dr. Vijayeta Sinh, Ph.D. loves to help young men and women find and nurture healthy and satisfying relationships. Her advice has been featured in Bustle Online. Connect on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


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